Retail Loss Prevention

Protecting Businesses Through Loss Prevention and Covert Surveillance

As an Independently locally owned specialist loss prevention provider, and not a department of a major retailer, Eastpoint Protection Services is able to offer  loss prevention to (commonly retailers, but other business types may also require such services) and for any  outlet, large or small, at “arms-length”.

Our loss prevention officers are skilled in the methods of apprehending shoplifters and preventing access to undesirable and problem persons.

They follow National Standards while dealing with offenders and trespassers and always operate in a lawful and professional manner.

Our loss prevention officers are comprehensively trained in the techniques of apprehension, theft prevention, and completion of police statements, preservation of evidence and attending Court when required.
All of which minimise loss to your business. and helps to manage overall risk.


Providing Services To:

  •  Shopping Centres
  • Retail shopping strips
  • Private & franchise businesses
  • All major supermarkets, Electrical and hardware stores. 
  • Alternative sites that may require undercover services

Today’s loss prevention involves extensive use of electronic equipment and devices.
Our loss prevention officers are continuously being trained in advances of technology and achieve competency in the use of office equipment, computers, radios, scanners, CCTV equipment and loss prevention software.

Effective communication skills, conflict management and conflict resolution are effective tools in crime prevention.
Eastpoint’s loss prevention officers are trained in both security and customer service to ensure their communication skills are of the highest standard.

At Eastpoint Protection Services, we take the time to ensure that our officers understand how our clients business operates and ensure our officers are living those same values.

About Eastpoint Loss Prevention & Investigations

As an independently owned specialist loss prevention provider, and not being a department of a major retailer, Eastpoint loss prevention and investigative service is able to offer retail loss prevention to any retail outlet, large or small.

Eastpoint Protection  Service holds a security master license in the state of New South Wales and on written request by the client, applies for an exemption by the commissioner of Police under section 36 of the Security Industry Act 1997 to carry out covert [plain clothes] loss prevention activities in the client’s environment.

As a small or large retailer, you have access to your very own loss prevention department through Eastpoint Protection Service.
Let the professionals from Eastpoint  take care of your loss prevention issues, leaving you free to manage a profitable business and have the added bonus of being able to claim the cost of our services as a tax deduction.

Preventing Retail Theft

Shoplifting, accounts for up to 40% of reported shop losses each year.
It is one of the most common crimes affecting small businesses in Australia today.
It has been estimated that shoplifting costs Australian businesses around $ 810 million annually.

Shoplifters come from all walks of life and from all socio-economic backgrounds, but generally they fall into one of two groups, amateurs and professionals.
Amateur shoplifters usually steal on impulse.
Juveniles (aged 10 to 18 years, usually teenagers) who steal to impress friends, form a big part of this group.

Professional shoplifters are more likely to work in pairs or groups, although they will work alone.
They often steal to obtain a false refund for the items and have often ‘cased’ out your store before committing the offence.
Some are highly skilled thieves.

The most important tool in reducing shoplifting is vigilance by staff.
Display a sign in a prominent location stating that bag checks may be conducted.
Remember that bag checks must be voluntary and that staff must not ever touch the customer or their possessions.

Whilst aids such as electronic tags may reduce theft, sales staff should not rely on them to prevent shoplifting.
Shoplifters who are determined enough to steal will continue to find new ways to bypass any store security system.

This is where Eastpoint Protection Services can assist by providing you with experienced Covert Loss Prevention Officers who will work hard to catch the thieves that are targeting your business right now!

Covert Retail Loss Prevention

Our senior loss prevention officer has had more than 16 years as an operative on the floor of one of Australia’s largest supermarkets, where he received his basic training, most occurring in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

This section of our business that is covert loss prevention operates through the use of officers, sometimes referred to as loss prevention officers (LPO’s), store detectives, retail security officers or Eastpoint Loss Prevention Officers.
A covert LPO helps stores prevent theft and fraud by client customers, suppliers or employees through covert activity, observing and apprehending offenders, reporting to Police and attending court, if required.

The majority of apprehensions result in uniformed police attending the store and arresting the offender. This action is a very good visual deterrent to potential offenders.

Covert Loss Prevention Officers can be hired for a minimum shift of 4 hours to patrol a single store or outlet.
We can tailor covert loss prevention services to suit your needs.

Loss Prevention Investigations

Eastpoint Protection Services has experienced retail loss prevention investigators available to provide extended hour store checks and bag inspections.
Eastpoint Protection Services can supply staff covert or uniformed to check on store procedures.

Uniformed Retail Loss Prevention

We can supply trained uniformed retail loss prevention officers for use as a visual deterrent or for specific duties during high volume customer times including extended trading hours.

When retailers are losing money What does Eastpoint Loss Prevention & Investigations do, and how do we do it?

Shoplifters, unscrupulous employees and significant accounting errors are responsible for billions of dollars in lost revenue for retailers each year. It is estimated that nearly half of all reported losses are due to employee theft alone. Reliance on computer based records and paperless payments, combined with the spikes in retail theft that economic downturn seems to encourage, have led to increased demand for skilled loss prevention officers.

Our Loss prevention officers develop and evaluate methods for monitoring customers and employees, such as closed circuit cameras, security tags, and computer tracking systems. They conduct personal inspections of checkout stations, locker rooms, stock rooms, and rest rooms.
Typically, they work alone or in small teams in irregular shifts.
They may work in full uniform or undercover (covert), blending in with customers searching for vulnerabilities in a store’s security processes.
Eastpoint Loss Prevention & Investigations trained loss prevention officers must act independently to solve suspected loss or theft.

When evidence of a theft or major error is discovered, our loss prevention officers may conduct interviews and search store records to build a case keeping the business owners fully informed during the entire process.
They may be required to physically apprehend an alleged shoplifter or detain a suspect employee.
They prepare reports for use in criminal or administrative hearings, and may also be called upon to testify in court.