Our Commitment

Our Mission Statement

The objective of our company is to provide the best professionally managed security service, through our commitment to quality and stability, to clients who are serious about their long term asset protection needs.

Eastpoint Protection Services are further committed to improving the quality of life of all employees through non-discriminatory employment, equal opportunity, continuing education and the provision of a safe working environment.

In the attainment of the above, we aim to achieve an acceptable return on investment, thus enabling growth and maintaining stability.

At Eastpoint Protection Services we pride ourselves in maintaining high standards from our employees to enable us to maintain high standards of service to our clients

Eastpoint Protection Services shall provide safe and secure environments to all of our clients throughout the Northern Rivers Area and beyond, depending on financial resources.

Our expectations are…

Eastpoint Protection Services shall consistently strive to exceed our customer’s
expectations by delivering the best security services available while upholding the highest standards of quality and value for money.

Our objectives are…

To develop strong business relationships with our clients and alliance partners, by achieving all possible expectations and become a trusted segment of their risk management system.

Our future plans are…

To become a dynamic and successful company by providing a professional caretaking and security service (mobile and static) to as many regions as possible, using the Northern Rivers Area as a fulcrum.
The provision of a quality service is of the utmost importance to Eastpoint.
All Eastpoint Protection Services officers must hold a valid Class 1AC, 1ACG NSW Security license and senior first aid, ensuring they are equipped to deal with a range of protective situations that may arise.

Our Occupational Health And Safety

Eastpoint Protection Services is strongly committed to the concepts of Occupational health and Safety. Our O.H.&S policy is consistent with the roles and duties of security officers.
In compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000, Eastpoint Protection Services aims to protect the health, safety and welfare of people at work.

We are aware of our duty of care as an employer.

We ensure that our employees are also familiar with their rights under the O.H.&S legislation, and also the role that they are required to play in maintaining a safe and healthy environment.


At Eastpoint we provide our customers with discreet, trained and experienced staff who understand the need to be professional and to observe and uphold standards as outlined in our Code of Conduct (published on this site).
Recruitment is tailored to the specific post, providing the best possible match of security officers to our client needs.


Eastpoint believes quality training is the key to professional service.
Each officer completes the security training course certified by the NSW Police Force and the Security Industry Licencing Directorate, including field note taking, report writing, emergency response, New South Wales law, powers and authority and much more.
On the job training is site specific and tailored to each duty post.
Standard Operating Procedures are given to guards as a reference and training guide.
Worksite Hazard and Risk Assessments are also filled out by guards to ensure they are aware of their duties in relation to health and safety.


Eastpoint Protection Services ensures that employees are supervised through
various methods.
Welfare checks are completed by our patrolmen and supervisors to ensure excellent performance and professional standards of appearance.


Eastpoint Protection officers when working as a team or apart are in constant
contact with each other by way of UHF radio and mobile phone, all under the control of a supervisor.


All EPS employees are licensed under the NSW Security Licencing and Enforcement Directorate (SLED) and NSW Police Force.
We are in compliance with all federal and state requirements regarding workers compensation, public liability and industry standards.

Our Officers can assist you with:

  •  Keeping out unwanted guests
  •  Car park patrols
  • Retail covert loss prevention
  • Welcoming and signing in guests or clients
  • Patrolling of construction sites
  • Monitoring behaviour of guests at resorts or holiday apartments
  • Event Security – Crowd control
  • Security at 18th or 21st Birthday Parties or any other party.
  • Staff escorts for clubs at closing time.
  • Schoolies Accommodation Security – onsite officer
  • Holiday Parks – onsite officers for foot patrols
  • Mobile Security Patrols – internal and external checks and staff escorts

To make each customer’s experience an excellent one

At Eastpoint Protection services we are serious about service. Service is at the heart of our business. From our beginning and through to becoming the most comprehensive protective service company that we can be, service is always going to be our number one priority.

We aim to take our services from great to excellent. Even with the best intentions, excellent service on a consistent scale doesn’t just happen. Rather, it is a result of a total customer focus by our people, supported by processes and systems which help to enhance our service delivery.

It’s about a commitment to understanding and meeting our customers’ needs, wants and expectations, it’s about being ourselves; honest, genuine, friendly, and most importantly, communicating in a way that’s relevant to our customer.